Many of our customers have written to tell us of their satisfaction and experiences with our products. Below are just a few of the notes we've received. Apparently your feet really never had it so good.

Chris, I just wanted to write and thank you and yours for making a quality product in a world of crap! I recd these pretty much right when you said i would and they were better than expected. Put em on last night, woke up today to 40 degrees, usually that means 2 pair of socks as i like to wear vans. I tried it today with 1 pair. Feet stayed warm the hour it takes me to get to work. Bravo sir...Bravo.


"I have to say I am truly amazed at the high level of involvement Chris had in my purchase. I bought a set of highway bar chaps for a set of used bars I was told were a certain brand. When I put them on the bars it became obvious that something was wrong. I sent pictures to Chris, at his request, and he quickly realized that I had a different make of bars then what I was told. Great, a big problem right! No not at all as Chris and the team at Sage Brush Designs where able to determine what make of bars I had and offer replacement chaps for only the price difference and shipping upon receipt of the original set.
I truely can attest to the care and attention Sage Brush Designs gives there costumers. Nice to see that devotion in this day and Internet age. Thanks again Chris."
Regards , Harvey

Chris, I must tell you, we have had more rain in the past 10 days than all summer. I can’t believe how effective the chaps are for water, bugs and even the stones the trucks throw on the hiway. Much impressed in the deflection (helps with the cooler wind at night now too) and the ease of cleaning. Many thanks!

The engine guards came day and after 15 minutes they were on the bike. what a great job you folks did totally love them. I know when someone ask me were I got them I will send them to you. thanks again
eric black

W O W...you guys nailed it . Everything from the fit, leather match,stitching, you name it.,Better than factory quality ( I was blown away )


Thank you so much again for the chaps for my FXR. Tempreatures when I ride home from work are below 50°F now in the evening and with the long FXR windshield they eliminate probably 90% of the cold I was dealing with just four nights ago. As the winter gets colder, I will offer silent and not so silent thanks to you every time I get on my bike.

I routinely ride in freezing and near-freezing temperatures and I usually ride my Road King and have for the last 8 years when the temperature drops, but now that I have these on the FXR, I am absolutely thrilled to be able to ride it in the cold as comfortably as I have the last couple of nights. Thank you again so much.

T. Harley

Hi Chris
I bought your engine guard chaps for my 2015 Indian Chieftain back in September, but it has just now gotten cool enough to put them on. Installation was so easy, slide them over the highway bars, clip the 4 straps together, snap the six buttons, done!
I showed them to my Indian dealer manager and he was impressed with the material and stitching. He even mentioned there would be very little if any, air flow restriction to the engine. I have had my Chieftain up to 90 miles per hour, in strong headwind, and the chaps never moved. Solid as any hard part on the bike. And one other advantage, Indian's chaps, they call them "close outs" are $150.00. I paid $85.00 plus some shipping for yours! Great price, excellent product!
Thank you Chris, from a very satisfied Colorado customer!

Denny P. Fort Collins, CO.

Chris, Sorry for this tardy message, but I wanted to say THANK YOU for a product delivered, installed, and very much admired. The tan engine guard chaps you sent me are a perfect match for the "desert tan" seat and bags on my 2015 Indian Chief. In fact, it's hard to believe that they actually aren't cut from the same batch lot of real leather that Indian used.

I never expected this level of quality, but am thankful you were able to create these excellent chaps. Not only do they look great, they cut the wind and trap warmth that I need on a cold day. Many thanks for a job well done.

Tom S. Wilmington, Delaware

Chris made the first pair of chaps for a 1700 Kawasaki with Cobra Fattys for my bike several years ago. They look and fit great. Most importantly they keep me dry and warm. If they are not on the bike they are in the saddle bags just I'm case. The real test was heavy rain for 3 hours on the interstate. Thanks Chris for a great product.

S. Fralick

Hi Chris, I recieved my highway bar chaps today !!!! I just finished putting them on....They are awesome !!! I am looking forward to our Polar Bear Ride on New Years Day now even more !!! Thank you for your well made product and great customer service.

J. Howell

Hi Chris..........Got your chaps last week. They are a perfect colour match and quick and simple to put on. As soon as the recent snow melted I put them on my 2015 Vintage and rode for some miles. Perfect! No wind whipping up flapping pant legs and even my boot lace tops are motionless. No cold feet.

Robert S. in Pomfret, Conn.

I have been out of town for ten days. Upon my return I was so excited to see the engine guard chaps had arrived. I will sum them up in one word "FANTASTIC." The fit was perfect and installation super simple. I rode the next day on a trip of 186 miles, and guess what? It rained..... My legs got wet, but my boots were bone dry.

I am very pleased with the chaps, your speedy delivery, and the communication keeping me informed of the progress. When I convince my wife she needs some for her 1100 I will surely give you a call.

Sincerely Mark B.

Hi Chris, I just completed a 2,500 mile ride. 700 of which were rain, wind and 46 degree temps. My feet and shins were dry and warm. Thanks for a great product. I sent some pictures with the chaps on my bike. The black and silver really compliment the engine area and don't detract from the traditional Indian red paint.

Its nice to see a company that cares about its products.

Thanks M. Taylor

I've really enjoyed the wet weather protection my Sage Brush Engine Guard Chaps have given me on my VTX 1300R outfitted with Lindby multi-bars. Just fantastic protection -- haven't had soaked boots since the chaps went on the bike. But who knew there was an added benefit? I recently had a low speed tip over and the chaps protected the chrome on the bars perfectly and the chaps held up with barely a scuff. A great product and highly recommended!
Thanks, Chris!
Don in Calgary, Alberta

Just received, and have already installed, my new Tank Bib for my 2009 Kawasaki 1700 Nomad. The installation was a breeze; great instructions. Thanks. The bib itself is a wonderful product and fits the tank like it had been on it for years. The design and craftsmanship that went into the bib are a testimony that there is no match for what we can make in the good old USA.

R Pool, Colorado

Hello Chris, In June I purchased the rain guards for my bike. I was hoping to buy them "just in case" They fit good but I didn't want to have to use them. Well time came yesterday. I drove 208 miles and if rained most of the way. Heavy rain gets almost everything wet. I'm happy to say my feet were dry. Thanks again, they would be worth twice the price.

Once again, thank you for your excellent service. I have received my order and inspected them. The quality of the stitching is exemplary and the placement of the studs and pocket look bang on. I will let all my riding friends know about you, your company, and the top notch service I have received.
Your truly, Jody J.

Guys- Last Thursday I ordered a set of the Bike Chaps for my new Indian Chieftain. I received them yesterday (1 week) and fitted them on the Bike today. Outstanding fit and a great quality product at a very fair price.

Your customer service is outstanding. In today's world where so many businesses ONLY care about the bottom dollar, you folks are a breath of fresh air. Job well done!!!!

Thanks! Mike

Good Morning Chris, I received my engine guard chaps and they are absolutely perfect. I really appreciate your wonderful communication with me to ensure my guards were 100% of what I was wanting.
You provide a world class product and service. Thank you!!!!!!

Sincerely, Beverly Y

Hey Bud: got the chaps...wow, look FANDAMNTASTIC! Good job, as usual! Just letting you know! Here's a pic of the right side....nice!! I'll post on the two forums.


Hi Chris, AWESOME is all she could say!!You all did a FANTASTIC job on these!! Please find below a couple of pics with them on already,the colour match is great and of course the last shot…a Thumbs Up!!

The perfect thing was, we just returned home from a short trip to Michigan for a couple days and just returned today,Valentines Day, and there they were, in the mailbox!! Perfect timing!!

Again ThankYou, come warmer weather when we can get the bike out of the garage I will send you a couple of better pics for you!! Again Thank You very much for the GREAT job!!

Jeff & Sharon

Hello Chris, I just want to tell you that I received my FABULOUS Betty Boop's chaps today!!! They are fantastic and they are already on my motorcycle!
Thank you for your good work, I appreciated very much to make some business with you!

I took some pictures of them to show you how they fit so well!!
Thank you again,

Sylvie B.


Chris, Outstanding service and a perfect fit exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much for 5 star product
Tank White
Colchester, VT


Chris…. I received the Vaquero saddle bag chaps Tuesday and finally installed them on the bike and they look fantastic and fit like a glove. If and when I decide to get the crash bar chaps I will be dealing with you again because your customer service is top shelf. I have other friend that also ride the Vaquero and once they see these chaps and interested in get a pair, I’ll be sending them your way!

I attached a couple of pictures for you Chris, thank you so much for everything and hope your business continues to do well.



Last week I did a 2100 mile round trip ride from Wisconsin to North Carolina in the most miserable conditions. Although the weather forecast called for a nice week, I hit steady drizzle and hard rain with temps in the high 30’s and low 40’s. About 800 miles worth.

I always carry the Sage engine chaps that I bought a few years ago in my tank bag as a “just in case” measure. When I finally realized that leathers and long johns were not enough, I stopped and put on the engine chaps. Major improvement!

I never write testimonials but I thought you guys should get credit where it is due. Your chaps turned a really nasty situation into an “experience”. My feet and legs were warm and dry and the airflow over the rest of my body was improved to the point where only my hands were still cold. Anyway – thanks for making these things.

D. Baldwin
Madison, WI
Honda VT1100C2 Sabre

Hello Chris, I would just like to say that the chaps for my 1999 Honda 1100 Aero are probably the best thing that I have bought for it. After talking with you and making the adjustment that I needed I will say they work like a charm. The craftsmanship and quality is above and beyond.
I would also like to say that working with you and the service that I received was superior. If some of the other companies I have dealt with in the past followed your approach on customer satisfaction they may find a happier group of customers.
Thanks again for a fine product and will be sure to spread the word

Chuck C. Perdido Key, Fl

I just wanted to let you know how extremely pleased I am with the chaps! They were easy to install, the fit was excellent, and on my 1st ride with them on at 35 degrees, my feet and legs were so much more comfortable! I never expected they would make such a profound difference!

I have already recommended your chaps to several people through the motorcycle forum I frequent!

Thank you so much!

M. Redd
2001 Honda VT1100C

Hi Chris, My order came in today and I placed them on my 2010 Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 Classis LT., and they fit perfectly. The quality, fit and visual is outstanding, matching the high grade leather and studs on my seats and saddle bags perfectly.

I have chrome OEM Highway Guards on my motorcycle and I love the look of the chaps, I feel as if I have two motorcyles with the difference in looks with and without the chaps. I did order the chaps with the studs on both sides and I must say that they look outstanding.

Chris, you are a Master Craftman. I'm so happy the I passed up on the compitition. Thank you so much, and I will pass on the name of your company.

Ralph J., Alabama

I received the engine guard chaps on Tuesday. I immediately put them on and oh what a difference! Thank you so much for making such a nicely made product and affordable too! I have told many friends about them and hope to give you some more business.
Thanks again - all the best
Jeff M., Michigan

Chris, My chaps arrive today and they both look great and fit perfectly on my Harley Heritage Classic. The quality is top notch. Even though you had to make them up for me, as well as do the embroidery, they arrived much quicker than I could have asked for or expected.

You know the meaning of providing a quality product at a great price and I highly recommend you to anyone looking for quality and/or custom chaps. It has been a true pleasure doing business with you. Thanks for everything.

Harry, Nashville, TN, USA

My chaps arrived.. The fit was much better than I expected. They look great. I had a chance to try them out yesterday on a short ride before the rain forced me home. As you say, my feet never had it so good.

I appreciate your very personable customer service.

Ray in Woodbury, MN

I received my highway bar chaps yesterday and installed them in about 10 minutes. They look great and fit the bike to a tee. I rode into work this morning with it being a little cool and humid. There was no wind on my feet or legs to speak of and it felt great.
I have had a few people come up to me already and ask where I got them. I have turned them on to your website so in the near future you may have a couple of more orders from here.
Thank you for your advice on the pockets as they would have been very small with the studs on there. I really like your product and really appreciate your professional conduct with me on the phone. I will recommend you to whomever needs or wants your products.
Thanks again for a great product.

Kevin G.
San Angelo Tx.

Chris. I know you have dozens of great testimonials, but here's mine.

The chaps just got here- and I am very impressed with the quality and how great they look and fit! Now the wind doesn't blow up my pant leg on cold days. Also, your customer service is second to none. You treat every customer as special and important. Wish more businesses ran like your's. Keep up the good work!

Jim Vilbert

I recently purchased a tank bib for my Victory Kingpin from Sage Brush Designs, and when my bib arrived it was different from what I had chosen on the website. I notified Chris immediately and the misunderstanding was instantly cleared up. The next day I shipped the bib back to Sage Brush Designs, e-mailed a copy of the shipping receipt to Chris which he immediately credited back to my PayPal account as well placing an expedited order for my replacement bib. If you’re looking for chaps, bibs or anything else you find on the Sage Brush website and you got to them early in your search you need not go any further, if you came upon them at the end of your search congratulations your diligence will reward you. The quality of their products has no equal and their customer service is extraordinary.

Chris’ commitment to each and every customer’s complete satisfaction goes way beyond commendable. Thank you very much Chris and “I’ll be back”

M Amodeo

Chris, I just want to thank you and your team for the awesome job on my new engine guard chaps. The embroidery work is amazing and they install in seconds. I'm very pleased with the end results. The delivery was quick and the whole process was smooth on your part. I will be sure to recommend your product to all other riders I know.
I'm looking forward to many warm dry miles.
Thanks again,
S. Usher
Shawnigan Lake

Good evening Chris, The chaps arrived and, "Wow!" They look great and fit perfectly. Honestly, the fit and appearance could not be better. You may count this customer as, 100% satisfied. My sincere thanks for a job well done! I will take some photos this weekend and post them on my site. I will then send you the link.

C. McCleese

CHRIS... My name is Leonard Griffiss, I'm from Quincy, Fl. and I order a pair of your chaps to fit my 04 Honda Shadow Aero with Cobra highway bars. The chaps were shipped very fast and fit just right. The pockets you put on the chaps were just right , just what I wanted .

I had the chance to use the chaps 4 days later on a trip to a motorcycle rally..The chaps worked perfect--they cut off all the wind on my feet and my feet stayed warm , after about 2 hours of riding , I had to stop and take the chaps off, my feet and lower legs had gotten very warm. the chaps worked so well, I know come winter time that the chaps will be just right for me.

Thanks so much for your help , When I called you I did not know the type of bars I had on my bike, you send me a picture so that I could make sure that I had Cobra bars. The chaps fit GREAT and worked good and the work your company does is OUTSTANDING, and the shipping was very fast--again thanks

Leonard Griffiss Quincy, Fl.

Hi Chris, I got the highway bar chaps in the mail yesterday so naturally I couldn't wait to try them on and test them out. They looked really good before I even got them on the bike. I was envisioning a sharp triangle like extension but you incorporated a smooth swooping kind of triangle that is much better than I had initially envisioned. When I got them on the bike they fit perfectly and I think they look even better than the first set due to the way my highway bars are set up. I took the bike for a ride and they seemed to eliminate a lot of the wind i was getting through the gap before. Now I'll just have to test them out in the rain but I can tell they will work much better just by looking at them. I'll be sure to get the old ones in the mail either today or tomorrow.

Thanks so much for your generosity. Family and friends can't believe the customer service you are providing by making me a custom pair for the cost of shipping back the first pair! That really is excellent service and I will be sure to try and spread the word on my extremely positive experience with Sage Brush Designs. Which brings me to my next point. I spend a lot of time on VolusiaRiders.com and there are lots of guys there with the same extended highway bars like mine. Would you want me to tell them about the custom chaps you made for me in case they are interested?


Dear Chris, I just wanted to relate this to your customers: I have been putting off buying these engine chaps for a couple of years now because of potential problems with the fit. Not knowing if my bars were OEM or aftermarket I finally took a chance. Sage Brush Designs returned my E-mail the first day with easy instructions for determining my needs. They also told me if there was any apprehension on my part, to just send them a picture and they would figure it out for me. After I did this, I picked out the design I wanted and had the opportunity to talk to a live person on the phone (1st ring) they took as much time as was needed to get the colors perfect, even suggesting another design that I liked even better.

This company has given me the best service that I have ever seen. I would trust these guys with anything they sell. I live in Taunton Massachusetts by the way, and have no affiliation with this outfit as I believe they are about 2000 miles or so in western Canada. Anyway, I just want to say thanks, they are perfect!

Karl Stenstrom

"Chris -
I just got back from a 800km return ride north to see my Mum. On the way back it rained solidly the whole way. My boots I've used for racing, and they have contoured ends from the soles up on the front outer edges. So much so that you can at times feel the breeze in there! Well, for the first time ever, I rode in constant rain for several hours, and only got some dampness in the crotch from getting in slow traffic for half an hour. My feet stayed dry and in fact I rarely saw any moisture in my feet area, except for when I was stopped or slow, and it was dripping/running down off me.
Your buy-line says "your feet never had it so good!" And it's dead right mate! Thank you. The bike looks good too, but we knew they would suit a black Nomad eh?"

Jazz DownUnder
Ulysses NZ

Just received my new chaps today and they fit perfectly around the header pipe. The cutout you made worked real well. Also, the overall fit and finish of your product was excellent. I was able to take a short 20 mile ride today and I must say they really do block all the wind that previously would have hit my feet and lower legs. Although it was not particularly cold today, I could tell they will be helpful when the temps drop off. I could actually feel some of the engine heat trapped by the chaps. Thanks again for your excellent service and timely mailing. It was a pleasure doing business with your firm.


Hi Chris, I'm just sending you a note to let you know that I've received the chaps for my 1998 Honda Shadow Ace Tourer. I've been using them now for about ten days and I have to say that they are one of the best investments I've made for this bike! The fit and workmanship is excellent! They do as advertised, my feet are well protected and warm.
Thank you for an excellent product,and for being a great person to deal with!

M. McGinnity Mohall,N.D. U.S.A.

This product is one of the best investments i have ever made for my bike. No buffetting from wind, does not billow out as i thought they might. My feet stayed dry and warm in the wet and the other night they kept my feet and lower legs quite warm while riding in 40 degree cold. I highly recommend these for anyone.who rides.
This is an excellent product and Chris was quite patient with me. I made him a pattern using his direction, and they fit perfectly right out of the pack. Great job Chris!!!

Dave H. PA

Chaps arrived quickly as promised and well packaged. Fit on my Roadliner with the Cobra Fatty Bars is just peachy!! Very easy install. Haven't hit any rain yet nor real chilly weather but I know they will be a significant improvement. Your product is well made and reasonably priced. Very satisified and I thank you.

Eric - St.Cathaines, Ontario

Chris. While riding this past weekend during a moderate 335 mi. trip, I encountered rain only twice, but oh-how-nice-it-was to get off the bike with dry feet. The chaps were terrific. Thank you.

Gary - Key West
2007 Yamaha V Star 1300

Just wanted to say thank-you for a wonderful, effective product. I received the chaps for my "05" Road King Custom a couple weeks before Christmas and did not have a chance to put them on until after the first of the year. We had some pretty decent riding weather in Dec. considering we are in Kansas City, Mo., U.S.A. so did a bunch of short jaunts throughout the month. My feet stay pretty comfortable as I wear insulated, waterproof boots but still the legs catch quite a bit of wind and leg chaps can't do it all.

Put the chaps on right after the first of the year (man, that could not be any easier!!!) and went for a ride in what was some pretty darn cold weather. What a difference!!! Thank-you for a great design and product that does exactly what you claim it will do, Warm legs and feet and, also stayed dry thru a little sprinkle!!

I have some friends that will be ordering from you after hearing my praise for the product. Oh yea,They look good too!

Thanks again,
Bruce M. Monsees

Chris, Thanks for doing such a terrific job in modifying my right side engine guard to custom fit my 1998 Honda Shadow Ace Tourer. Chris was able to take my design and custom cut the right engine guard so that it wouldn't rub up against my exhaust pipe. It looks terrific to the eye and very functional in keeping the cold air off of my legs.

During this process, I returned the right engine guard after tracing out the area to cut and once completed, Chris returned the guard at no extra cost for his extra time to custom cut and return shipping costs.

I can best describe Chris as a " First Class Individual " that does outstanding work. I highly recommend his products to anyone that rides motorcycles.

John Manderson

Kelowna, British Columbia.

Chris, Thanks for returning my call today. I figured out the answer to my question. I received my chaps yesterday and put them on my bike today. They look absolutely fantastic.
I have over $40K in my bike, and nothing I put on it looks or stands out as grand as these chaps. Great quality!! Thanks so much.

Hi Chris. Last fall, I bought a set of your chaps from Bike Puzzle In Ottawa for my 05 Nomad. They arrived the day I put my bike away. So I put them on and only got to use the bike a week ago on a fairly nice day. I could really feel the difference. My legs and especially my feet were toasty warm. Today, i went for a ride in the freezing cold. Actually started to snow a bit on my way back. And man, i really appreciated having those chaps.

Thanks for making such a great product for my Nomad. Love them. they work great. John Tobias.

Chris, I just took an afternoon ride from Columbus, OH to Dayton, OH and back. It was a little over 150 miles round trip. I was amazed, the chaps are unbelievable, my feet and legs were actually very comfortable. Considering the temp was a chilly 42 degrees Fahrenheit, I am impressed, I also was surprised to see that there was no flapping or distortion whatsoever.

This product is a winner & I am sure you will be getting some other orders from the folks I ride with.


I can say that this level of service is unheard of these days. I can't say it enough, you have a great product and service that is way beyond the call of duty. Thanks again for your commitment to service.


Chris, I recieved the chaps today. I must admit "they're even better than I expected". I put them on and they look and fit great. I just felt compelled to let you know what a great experience it has been to buy from you. You go over and beyond to satisfy your customers, and that is a rare quality in this "in it just for the money" attitude found in the business world of today.

Larry K

Hi Chris, Wow the chaps arrived today! That was really quick and cheap postage too! They are great. You are a legend for making such great things and being so honest and fast to deal with. Thank you, thank you and thank you.

I will be heading 300 km south into rain and colder weather in a few weeks and will be sure to spread the word where ever I go.
All the best in 2006
Kind regards
Mark Wilkinson

Just a quick note to let you know I received the Chaps today. 5 Minutes to install and they fit like a glove. Another 5 minutes to take off because its 80 degrees here in Texas today. I cant wait for the colder weather so I can give them a try. They look like a part of the bike.
Very Satisfied Customer here. I will recommend you guys.
Chuck Tagg

Received the chaps from Sage Brush Designs about the second week in September, put about 300 miles on the Suzuki 1500 LC with the chaps installed, and about 40 degrees at times, my feet and legs, especially the kneecaps are as summertime riding, the one day of rain made me more than a believer in the engine chaps.
Excellent quality, workmanship and customer service...

signed Dave Remington

Chris, Got home last night, chaps were there! They're on, they're working! Fit is great, nice quality too there Chris. This morning, an even 40 for my trip, a bit over over 30 miles to get here. Got off the bike, my boots were actually warm from the engine. How nice is that.
Thanks very much Chris,

Hi Chris & Holli
Just thought I'd drop you a line regarding the chaps I bought several months ago, well finally put them on this past Saturday and was totally happy with how well they worked, I do ride with a windshield and lowers and with the chaps I had no wind at all coming at me just like riding in an envelope.

I posted this info over on our groups website thesabregroup.com and had quite a few question from the group and understand that several of them have ordered a set in the last few days. You have a great product and your service is excellent. was reading some of the testimonials that have been posted and everyone hits the nail on the head. Thanks again for everything

John Murray (eldorado)

Chris, Just a short note to let you know the chaps arrived as promised. It took about 10 minutes to install them. This morning the temperature was 38F here in Atlanta, perfect weather for the first ride. The chaps completely knocked the wind off my legs and feet.
Wonderful! I probably won't need the insulated outergarment I usually wear, but between the two, I fully expect to be riding down into the 20's (barring rain or ice). When I put the over-sized lowers on, I expect to be virtually wind-free.

It was a real pleasure dealing with you. I will happily recommend you to all of my riding buddies with cruisers.

Best Regards,
Bruce F.

Hi Chris and Holli
One word... BEAUTIFUL !
They fit like a glove and look really nice, took all of 60 seconds to put them on. Great product and great service, I'm impressed!
Thanks again I will gladly recommend you to anyone I know that is interested in getting a pair for their own Bike.

I just came back from a 2 hour ride and not only do the Chaps look GREAT but they actually REALLY WORK. It's only about 12 Celsius here and my feet stayed nice & warm and I was only wearing running shoes.

I've got to be honest...I really only bought them for the look but I'm blown away by how well they work. Now I'm DOUBLY IMPRESSED.
I wish you both Continued Success

Pat J

Hi Chris, I just wanted to add my testimony to the list for your chaps. I received my order in one week and that was Christmas week, one of the busiest of the year. When I installed them,they fit perfect and they look fantastic. So far I have only tried them in cold weather and they work just like you say they will. I can only imagine the difference its going to be riding in the rain.

Thank you for making such a quality product and for your superior customer service. I hope you and your family have a very happy and prosperous new year.

Steve Tillison
Fern Park,Fl

Chris, I got to try out the chaps yesterday on a 250 mile ride in 40-60 degree weather. Man they work great! Not only did they keep the wind off my feet, they channeled the wind over the engine and up onto my thighs, acting a little like a heater.

What a great product. Thanks again for the OUTSTANDING service! I hope you have a Happy Holiday. A VERY satisfied customer,

Nashville, TN

Hello Chris I got my chaps for my Heritage today. Wow 4 days from Canada to Tennessee (great), They look great and installed very very easily, I noticed on the package they came in it cost you $6.70 to send and you only charged $4.00 to ship, them, Its nice to deal with someone that doesnt try and make money off the shipping thanks.

I havent rode with the chaps yet but plan on it tommarrow Turkey day, suppose to be only 49 here in my part of TN. Again thanks for a great product, I will certaily let people know where I bought these crash bar chaps thanks again.

Chris, I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know that the chaps arrived today, in good condition. Well, maybe I should say EXCELLENT condition. The quality is outstanding and installation was a breeze. It took me about 10 minutes.

Since it's dark and raining, I can't get any pics right now, but I will get soome very soon and I'll post them on the Kawasaki Forum for all to see. I can't wait to try them out and see how much difference they make on these chilly, damp mornings.

Thank you again. You definately have a field saleman in Tennessee.

Rick "Maverick" Parsons
1st Officer, SCRC Chapter 282
Highland Rim, TN

From a Forum......

I've got to tell this story about a vendor with incredible customer service: http://www.sagebrushdesigns.com

The owner Chris "Sage" McVean is a small business owner in Canada whose main product is engine guard chaps. Last year during cooler weather I decided I was interested in a set of chaps for my Lindby engine guards. All well and good, but I couldn't find any advertised. I contacted Sagebrush Designs to see if they might have anything in the works. They didn't but Sage told me they could make a custom set for me, if I could help them develop a template. So he sent me drawings, I sent them back with measurements, he sent cloth templates, I tested them on the bars and marked them for adjustment per his instructions, until he was able to send me the completed product.

A great company to work with, I got a set of custom engine guard chaps at regular price, they get a new template to add to their available line... it's very win/win, a great vendor experience.

Now flash forward to about three weeks ago... I'm out on a ride, have a slight accident, very little damage, but it did destroy the right side chap when the bike slid down. So I contact Sage, ask him if he can make just a right side half set for me. He say's sure and shoots me a half set price. I paypal him the payment, and in just a couple of days he emails me to notify the replacement is in the mail. This company is a dream to deal with!

So flash forward a few more days... I receive the package from Sagebrush designs, and find they've included not the half set I ordered but a full set to insure the product looks great on the bike... What can I say. These guys (Chris "Sage" McVean, specificly) go so far above and beyond the normal bounds of doing business that I can only give them the greatest kudos, and my highest reccommendation as a vendor.

Check out their site http://www.sagebrushdesigns.com and if they have anything you need don't hesitate to buy from them, or ask for a customized version of what they do have on their site. You won't be sorry you did."


I've owned a lot of Harleys and everything in between. I've never seen any product easier to install. Everything makes so much sense and these chaps slide on the bars like a fine garment. The straping system make so much sense!. The snaps in the middle makes so much sense!. Maybe you should run for President.

Taken from a forum......

I recently ordered a set of custom chaps from Chris that were to be colour matched to my 2004 Blue and Silver Nomad. I received them today and I gotta say, I'm really impressed with the quality of the material, stitching and overall finish. My wife is a seamstress herself and she was impressed with the finish as well (and take it from me, she is REAL picky about such things....:))

He didn't have the custom blue colour to match the bike so he went out and with some effort managed to find the shade of colour that matched beautifully. Then he added the pockets and the custom embroidery of the Canadian flag that I wanted.

I don't want this to sound like some kind of add, but when you get the kind of quality service, product and fabulous service these guys give you, they deserve a pat on the back - it's too damn rare today !!

Many thanks Chris....

Hey Chris. We received the chaps (Tues). As a matter of fact, Karla put them on!!! It was only tonight that I was able to see them for the first time. They look and fit great (and she is pleased too)!

I will forward you some pics (as soon as weather permits) so you can see how they worked out. But I wanted you to know that they are here, on the bike, and your customers are truly grateful.

Thanks again

I commute everyday 40 miles to go to school. I received the chaps on Saturday and have used them these past two days. They've performed wonderfully and look great! I like how they let some of the engine guard show. I gave them the true test on Monday. I wore well-ventilated sneakers on my commute and my feet were as comfortable as can be. And that was in about 40 degree temps (about 5 Celsius if I've calculated correctly).

It might just be wishful thinking on my part but I think the chaps' wind deflection might also be helping my air-cooled engine run a bit warmer and therefore be helping to improve my gas mileage. Or am I delusional?

Thanks again,
Tim R.


Chris & Holli, I received my chaps yesterday. Nice. They fit perfect. They really look sharp. The studs are really nice and match the spacing on all my other accessories. You guys did good. I haven't tried them out yet because it's supposed to rain today. I have a 40 mile commute one way. It's not as cold in my neck of the woods (Jersey) as it is in yours, but I really hate the cold. My feet are looking forward to my next ride.

It was a pleasure doing business with you and may be in need of your services again sometime in the future. Those sheepskins sure look cozy.. Well you guys take care and keep the rubber side down.

Peace MJC

Hi there, I received the chaps last Thursday and they're a perfect fit and extremely well made. I got to try them out Friday morning on the way to work (it was only 3 degrees here on PEI.) They are amazing ! I was warm and protected from the cold east coast wind.

I looked at other brands, but your chaps are by far the best fit - they fill in the space perfectly. Thanks for a quality product, and you're right - my feet never had it so good.


Just a note to tell you I live in Manitoba and was on a trip west. While in Medicine Hat I stopped at the kawasaki shop (Southland Powersports). I own a Nomad. I saw your chaps and because I had been thinking of a set I was very interested.
Anyway the lady who runs the shop told me how everyone who had purchased them liked them very much .

To make a long story short I put them on and I feel they paid for themselves on the way back to Souris Mb. We left Moose Jaw Sunday morning in drizzle and a 9 degree temperature. My feel were never wet and very warm. I was also inpressed by how quick they are to put on and take off. I suspected that being that easy to put on that they would either come loose or flap in the wind. Boy was I wrong.

Within hours of being home I had called a good friend who also has a Nomad and told him about the chaps. He will for sure either stop in Medicine Hat on his way to Lethbridge next month or order from you direct.

As I said earlier they were worth the money just to get home yesterday. You have a great product and I will spread the word to everyone in Manitoba about them and give out your address. Thanks

Don Smith
Souris MB

I just wanted to thank you for your excellent service. I received the shearling today and have it on the seat already. It's great. I will ensure that your business cards and pamphlets are posted in the local Harley shop. I will also be showing off my new addition to the members of my HOG chapter. You may be receiving some orders from me soon.
Thanx again

Ken Butler

After going to the Americade last week, I had your chaps on on for 200mi up to Lake george, NY and 200mi back to New Jersey. I have to say they held up beautifully both times.

I have told many people about your chaps and hopefully some will contact you. I want to wish all of you GOD SPEED and the best of everything.

Don White

Chris, Hey Sage, Wendy "Red" Kane here. ( Purchaser of the "Murphy" custom chaps for my 800 Drifter)

Just wanted to check in and thank you for a number of items. Your sponsorship of Drift In 2004, your part in Murphy being named Best 800 drifter at the rally (those chaps were the final touch) and the fact that my husband PoppaJoe Kane, won the certificate for a set of your chaps at the Banquet.

Thanks again for your support!
Wendy "Red" Kane.


Chris, Just a note to let you know that I got my chaps in yesterday. WOW! What a product. These things work great and I am very satisfied.

I plan to highly recommend your product at all our local SCRC bike nights and will show them off whenever I can. Thanks for the personal service. I appreciate it a lot.


Chris Chris Chris.......... What can I say........ Your Yamaha Big Bar Chaps are FREAKIN' FANTASTIC....

Kathy and I just went to Ottawa and back today, (320Km+ each way) at a temp of 1Deg. at 07:00am warming up to 10Deg by 5:00pm..... Holy crap are they good....

When I get the urge, I would put my feet on the Highway pegs, but my feet and legs would be cold in about 20 Minutes.... I put my feet on the floorboards and there is NO wind and the wind funneled through the engine from your chaps heats my legs... WOW!!!!!!

Go ahead,, double your price,, They're worth it... and all my freinds love the look... They will have to get their own to FEEL how fantastic they are....

My compliments to you and your wife on a superb product....

Cudos... Bob Gaudet



J Long


I thought that I would put your product through some tests. The first test...putting them on. Very easy...it took about 5 minutes and they look great. I then decided to suit up for my ride. On comes the jacket with the liner and....wait a minute...your add states that with the Sagebrush chaps on, your feet stay warm...hmmmm...no heavy pants for this ride.

Off I went (remember, it's still only April). I just returned home from a 120 km ride. My feet and lower legs were warm during the whole ride...awesome! An extra bonus that I did not expect...my legs were much more relaxed because the wind was not blowing my feet off the floorboards. Even at passing speeds of 110+ kms (and trust me, I mean ++++), they worked great.

I would recommend your product to anyone who does a lot of highway driving. Your product has now extended my riding season and that's worth every penny.

Take care and thanks for the great service.


Good morning Chris, Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your product. The Chaps Just LOOK GREAT!!!! And Can't wait for the next chance to ride!!!!

The workmanship is second to none (The Studding I requested looks great) and I will recommend your chaps and company to every rider I know. I am also the President of my MC Club and with your permission would like to add your Web Address to our Club web site so all my members have easy access to your web site and to your fantastic product.

I'm really happy with your work and just wanted to thank you for the quick turn around and personal attn you gave me by taking them with you on your Vacation Weekend to finish up the studding. Chris THANK YOU!!!!

C. Ransom
President NHMC Sleazyriders
VROC Member Scrubdude #10530

"Hi Chris!! I just wanted to let you know that I took my very first trip on my bike this past weekend. My motor guard chaps worked GREAT!! It was about 53 when we left here and I never felt all the wind on my legs. Also, they looked great.

I have taken more pictures of my chaps on the correct way. To be honest with you, I turned them around with Barbe out front on my trip and they worked great!! I showed a friend of mine the difference and they said they could not tell one from the other. I know I should not tell you that but it is the truth!!!

Just glad I found your product as it is just great. I just love my motor guard chaps and show everyone I see!!

Thanks for everything again. I hope you are both doing great and staying very busy in your business. Have a great day!!!!


"Sage, Put on the chaps and they look awesome!!! I am very happy with them. Cannot wait to put them to the test riding this fall. I took some pics to send you will resize them tomorrow and get them over to you. Thanks a gain, fine workmanship and it looks great."

BlackShadow Woman

Chris, I just want to say I received the chaps today and they really look nice with the studs! Excellent work!


"I recently installed a set of "Sage Brush" Engine Guard Chaps on my 2001 Nomad FI. Previously, I'd been using another brand. They were better than nothing, but did not completely seal the gap beside the frame downtube and water, mud, etc. would get through this area. As well as being poorly designed, the quality of construction was not very good.

I looked at two other types of available Engine Guard Chaps and finally found the "Sage Brush" product. It was obvious that the "Sage Brush" Chaps were of a higher level of quality. With "Sage Brush" I also had a choice of virtually any color I wanted and they were reasonably priced. The "Sage Brush" Chaps provide virtually a complete seal along the downtube and are made of high quality black vinyl, with sturdy quick release attachment clips. Both the materials of construction and the workmanship are first rate.

And finally, "Sage Brush Designs" provided excellent repair work support for me when I ripped a hole in one of the Chaps. The "Sage Brush" Engine Guard Chaps are built sturdy, work well and look good!"


"Sage! Just a short message to say I received my engine guard chaps today. I've already put them on and they look really great. Now if the weather would just co-operate I will be able to test them out.

Thank you for the prompt service and I will be passing on to my fellow bikers how I like the chaps....Thanks again and perhaps I will be talking to you again."


"Chris, Thanks for dropping by and measuring my crash bars... let me know the costs and when the chaps will be ready.

I would wish you luck , but I think luck has nothing to do with it.... you have a great product and talent !"


Good Evening Chris. Just dropping a line to let you know the rear chaps came yesterday(Monday). They look PERFECT!!!! Great fit! Really like the two snap look. Again...thanks.......


Chris, Got the chaps the other day. Nice, very nice. Went on just like you said. Rode yesterday morning, pretty cool but my feet never got cold. I love it!!

Larry “The OLD Navy Gunner”

Just wanted to let folks know, I bought a set of these for me GF's 750 Ace, they fit perfect and the workmanship is as good or better than my factory Harley ones.


Chris, here are some day shots of my chaps. I put them to the test today and they worked GREAT! My feet did not freeze, nor did my boots get wet. These were definitely a sound investment (not to mention...they look great!)

The chaps will be on my new picture in CruiserCustomizing.com when I get to it...I'll let all know where my chaps originated

Thank you.


Your product is fantastic and your service quality is top notch. Many thanks. Here are a couple photos of your product on my Road Glide.
Michael Temple


David Johnson, Florida

I received the chaps yesterday and they look great. I plan on installing them today. Thanks for the quick turn-around and I can't wait to get out on the road.
J Romaine

Sage, Just wanted to let you know the chaps arrived on Monday, and I installed them on Murphy Tuesday. They look terrific and fit like a glove. Thanks very much. You have a terrific product, excellent quality. If anyone asks, I'll be pleased to send them your way.
Wendy, PA

Just wanted to let you know how much I like, and need, your Engine Guard Chaps. I finally got the bike back together today, it was 25 degrees, snowing and 15 MPH wind gusting to 44, but I couldn't stand it any longer and had to get out.

Those Chaps really do the job, my feet were nice and warm the whole time. Wish everything else was but at least my feet were not cold at all.

When your feet get cold your cold all over. Thanks for a great product that will allow me to ride in about any weather.

L Webber
Union MI

See photos 1, 2

Hi Chris, I just wanted to tell you about my first wet experience with my engine guard chaps. Yesterday I was ichin' to ride bad, but hadn't since it had been raining all darn day... until around dusk, the rain stopped and the clouds broke and I looked outside and my street LOOKED pretty dry. That was my cue!!!

I jumped on the Drifter and went to do some cruising about the village. I returned home after about 30 minutes (after the sun went down it got cold quick, and I wasn’t wearing gloves) that was when I noticed how wet it actually was, my bike was soaked!!! My chaps had kept me so dry I hadn't even noticed, they were coated with water and crap from the road but I didn't have a drop on me. A quick wipe with a paper towel cleaned them right up, and I was done... almost, I still had to wipe the bike’s fenders down too, but it was definitely worth it.

Thanks again for such a great product.


Bill Sentilles